B2B Product Launch
Ensure your next B2B product launch is a huge success

If you’re a B2B supplier, it’s time to rethink how you launch new products…for 3 reasons:

Are you findable?

  1. The internet is changing everything

    In 80% of B2B transactions today, the customer finds the supplier… not the other way around. You need to be “findable.”

  2. New rules are needed for B2B

    Learn B2B-optimized methods with our onsite workshop and LaunchStar® new product introduction software to ignite your B2B product launches. (Other AIM training revolutionizes the “fuzzy front end” of B2B product development: newproductblueprinting.theaiminstitute.com)

  3. Product launches need more focus

    Products are “released” casually. Budgets are spent inefficiently. So prospects respond “underwhelmingly.” LaunchStar software will help you attack your launch with the rigor required for success.

Trusted by many Fortune 500 companies

Dow Chemical

“Dow Chemical has been using AIM's Blueprinting and LaunchStar processes since 2006…”

— Jim Gurnee

B2B Product Launch Book

Check out 12 new rules in this e-book… and see how your company can dramatically boost its B2B product launch success.

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