B2B Product Launch
Ensure your next B2B product launch is a huge success

While you’re still developing your product, it’s time to start developing a new product launch strategy and think about what your new product marketing plan will look like. That’s where LaunchStar® helps. This product launch software helps you develop a launch plan and choose the right communication channels for marketing your new product.

1 A New B2B Marketing Model

Remember the 4 Ps we borrowed from consumer goods marketers… Product, Price, Place & Promotion? A better B2B approach is to launch the Right Product to the Right Market with the Right Message using the Right Media. Unlike retail consumers, insightful B2B buyers can help you craft a spectacular launch campaign… but only if you know who, what and how to ask. With little effort, you can gather this information during the early stages of product development from savvy B2B prospects.

The new B2B marketing model illustrated
Satisfies most important unmet market needs
Targets key decision makers & influencers within companies
Presses customer Hot Buttons…in their own language
Reaches prospects using the most effective channels

2 18 Traditional & Online Media

You’ll never use all 18 media to launch your new product… but you should consider all of them. Some of the newer online media are extremely powerful: Costs per lead are low, results can be easily measured, and–best of all–they allow customers to find you when they are ready. Don’t drop your traditional media. Instead, our new product launch process software helps you craft a launch campaign that weaves both traditional and online media tightly together.

Traditional Media


Online Media

16 Traditional & Online Media illustration

3 Optimize Your Media Strategy

So how do you spread your scarce launch budget among many possible media? For one thing, find out which media your prospects are already using… and focus your resources there. Also consider Industry Concentration (# of potential buyers) and your Industry Position (whether you are a key supplier to this market or not).

Bottom line: Customize your media strategy for each launch… or you will overspend and underperform.

illustration how to optimize your media strategy

4 LaunchStar Software

Unless you follow a proven launch roadmap, you’ll probably miss opportunities, delay results, and work way too hard. LaunchStar 3.0 new product launch process software helps you build a comprehensive Launch Plan. Your team can use 25 launch tools, manage a Gantt chart, create and monitor a budget, and generate several high-impact reports.

LaunchStar 3.0 software package
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