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Product Marketing Software: LaunchStar 3.0

Reports, Project Management Aids & 25 Launch Tools


LaunchStar 3.0 product launch software lets team members work individually – without the internet – and later synchronize with teammates via the web. It originated as an Excel spreadsheet, but now this new product marketing software has an intuitive interface that allows individual users to access all the reports, project management aids and launch tools without ever leaving the home screen. Best of all, the software helps users develop and execute their new product launch plan with ease. Contact AIM to request a free trial or to learn more.

LaunchStar home screen

LaunchStar 3.0 home screen

Simple navigation: never lose sight of the home screen buttons

  • Assemble your team, plan your work activities, and record your results against metrics.
  • A helpful overlay guides you through the software and gives you tips along the way.


LaunchStar 3.0 home screen

Beautiful, easy-to-read reports are automatically generated from your team’s input… making it simple to communicate your launch!

  • LaunchPlan - This executive summary paints a high-level picture of all the essential information. Tell management and anyone else your launch story in a single 2-page document.
  • Prospect Profile - Describe your target prospects to ad agencies with crystal clarity… including target job functions.
  • Message Brief - Don’t pay your ad agency to guess at the right message. Instead, hand it to them in incredible detail.
  • Media Guide - Use powerful LaunchStar tools to create a media strategy…and document it here for a highly-coordinated media blitz.
  • Launch Results - After your launch, track success for up to 5 years. Apply what you've learned to more effectively plan future launches.

Project Management Aids

LaunchStar 3.0 project management gantt chart
  • Easy-to-edit project management Gantt chart
LaunchStar 3.0 budget screen
  • Advanced budgeting tools help you itemize how much you’ll spend and when you’ll spend it.

25 Launch Tools

LaunchStar 3.0 Media Strategy screen (one of 25 tools)
  • Launch tools are grouped logically under 5 primary categories.
  • See who’s assigned to each tool and when it’s due at a glance.
  • You won’t do more work than you need to. Depending upon the size of your launch, many tools are optional (shown as inactive).
  • Each tool expands to let your team do its work.
  • Tools are loaded with instructions, examples, and exciting new B2B launch techniques.

All 25 Launch Tools

LaunchStar 3.0 - all 25 tools shown categorized
  • Elegant new user interface. 
    Navigate easily between tools, Gantt chart, budget and reports.
  • Team members work on their assigned tools…
    and their work is automatically linked to the team's Gantt chart.
  • New web-based launch survey. Simple for you to set up…
    and easy for your customers to respond to.

Read the End User License Agreement for LaunchStar® 3.0 Software

How can I check out LaunchStar 3.0?

If you’d like complimentary 30-day access to LaunchStar 3.0 cloud-enabled software and/or our B2B Product Launch e-learning modules, please contact scott.burleson@theaiminstitute.com.

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