B2B Product Launch
Ensure your next B2B product launch is a huge success

Why Choose LaunchStar® Product Launch Tools

Launching new products is often an unorganized, “fly by the seat of your pants,” part of the product development process, but it doesn’t have to be that way. LaunchStar® 3.0 software provides you with the ultimate suite of product launch tools to help your company successfully launch a product. But it’s more than just launch tools. With LaunchStar software, you’ll:

  • Navigate the launch process easily with an intuitive interface
  • Simplify communication across teams
  • Synchronize across the Web with teammates near and far
  • Automatically generate step-by-step reports
  • Maximize your budget with advanced budgeting tools
  • Easily edit project management Gantt charts
  • Take advantage of logically grouped launch tools with simple instructions

The product launch tools included in LaunchStar help you take the guesswork out of launching your new product. The simple design, easy-to-understand instructions and professional reports make it possible for your company to launch new products in a well-thought out and successful manner.

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