B2B Product Launch
Ensure your next B2B product launch is a huge success

Training in advanced B2B product launch…

Whether you choose a 1-day workshop or online training, you’ll learn the most advanced B2B product launch methods anywhere… many pioneered by AIM. It’s easy to preview our training, because our in-house workshop is identical to our public workshop, with one exception: In-house training includes post-workshop web-conference coaching for your project teams.

To learn more, check out the content of the one-day public LaunchStar workshop, and view these 4-minute excerpts from the 7 modules that accompany both in-house and public workshops…


See why new launch "rules" are needed today… and how AIM's 4 step process gives your team a detailed roadmap for its next launch success.

LaunchStar® Software

View the 2-page Launch Plan executive summary… and see how your team can use the 25 powerful tools included in LaunchStar software.

The Right Market

Learn how to define a B2B market at 4 levels, see the 2-Question Launch Survey… and how to communicate via the LaunchStar Prospect Profile.

The Right Message

Explore "awareness content," the use of offers to advance prospects on the buying cycle… and how to communicate via the LaunchStar Message Brief.

The Right Media

Learn about 9 traditional and 9 online media, how to choose the best for you… and view an example of AIM’s training for one medium (webinars).